Where can you find us?

Are you in the Ithaca, NY area and want to try our coffee? If you’re a cat lover, you can have a variety of drinks(pour over, french press, espresso) made with our coffee at the Alley Cat Cafe. They also have bags of Into the Void and a custom Alley Cat Blend for sale. While you’re there, head to the back of the shop where you can adopt cats. Allergic to cats? Head over to Press Cafe. They serve a rotating selection of drip coffees from us and other local roasters and offer 4-5 different options of our bagged coffee. The Greenstar Co op DeWitt mall location has our Road Crew in bulk and both Road Crew and Into the Void in bags. The Greenstar West End location also has Road Crew in bulk and 7 different options for bagged coffee, including decaf as well as serving our Honduras COOPERATIVA RAOS at the deli. And if you’re out for a bite at Ithaca Beer Co. or just the designated driver, you can get a hot cup of Oak and Crow coffee to keep you going. If there’s a local spot that you enjoy going to that you think we’d make a good fit, get us in touch and we’ll see what we can do!

Jacob Landrau